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Basic Guide For Making Money Online

Hello! This is my first "Lesson" on how to make money online!
There are many ways to make money online, maybe you have tried "Swagbucks" but gave up after a hour or so. Swagbucks and those other survey sites are fine, but you need to branch out in order to make some good money.
A few words before we continue. Do not expect to be making 100$ a day right away, and do not expect it to be easy. You are making money from literally nothing. But as you gain more and more, you will be able to gain a passive income, which I will show you how to do in a further lesson.
First off, one of the best ways to do this is through cryptocurrency, and as you are using Steemit, I am guessing you know about it, the ins and outs, etc. This lesson will teach you about some basic methods like faucets. In further lessons we will go into more indepth ways to make money quickly.
First off, lets learn what a faucet is. A faucet is a site which gives you free cryptocurrency for completing small tasks, but on a majority of the sites its just solving a captcha and clicking a claim button. Easy as that, money is added to your account.
Lets sign up for a popular faucet, where every hour you can earn up to 200$ in Bitcoin! You can join here. https://freebitco.in/?r=15660082 then you can just sign up, and once a hour solve a captcha for a chance to win it! Its as simple as that.
You can also sign up for the Coinpot microwallet. A microwallet is a site that will hold the coins you claim, some pay directly to your wallet, some pay to a microwallet. You can go ahead and join the site here: http://coinpot.co once you sign up, there are a list of coinpot faucets, which I will give you in a minute. The coinpot faucets have it so you can claim any time, as long as there are a minimum of five minutes per claim. The longer you leave it, the more coin that will build up. However, over time it will slow down. So best to claim at once a day!
A list of Coinpot faucets:
https://bit.ly/2KhVto2 - Bitcoin Cash
I hope you enjoyed this lesson!
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For now, peace!

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