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Faucethub: a honest review

Whether you know it or not, Faucethub is the biggest microwallet to date. That is for good reason, offering thousands of fresh faucets, aswell as 16 currencies, of course its down for success.
But how does it compare to sites like Coinpot? Faucetsystem? Lets dig in and find out.
Faucethub was one of the first microwallets to land itself on the big world of the internet, it soon sprouted thousands of users, and over time, established a user base of over 1.4 million.
You might be asking: "Why is this different than any other microwallet?" well, some of its features include:
  • A chatroom
  • Lottery
  • Dice
And so many other features. Faucethub is a legitimate site, paying over 1000 Bitcoins to its users. It has a built in php library, easy to use, allowing you to easily make your own faucet.
But here is the big question: "Should I use it?" Well, if we compare to coinpots low amount of faucets, and then compare it to Faucethubs thousands, we can easily see that there is far more of a variety, and you can keep trying out faucets until you find one you like.

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